musicboxwaltz (musicboxwaltz) wrote,

knock before you enter.


this is a locked journal & no longer really used.

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I am in lurve with that tunnel .gif in your profile.
As well as a lot of the communities you're in.

Which logically means that...I'M IN LURVE WITH YOU TOO!!!

teheh. well then!
Remember, Churchill said "Never, never, never give up". ;)
hey, he did damnit!

Drink me, Eat me.

Who doesn't love a little Alice?

I see you like Lindsay Lohan!! So, I add you -hope it's okay :D
we should be friends on Lgay as well as animal crossing i think
hey i added you and i would like to come to your town a lot do you mind adding me here is my info
Code 1977-4727-8341
Name Angel
Town Forks WA
I just wanted to let you know I love your icon. And animal crossing. And I can't post comments in ontd because I'm not a member. I wish ohnotheydidnt was back!
heh why cant you post on there? just join? and thanks
i checked out your charms on the acww page so here i am and you are the first actual friend that i have added so far. btw luv your work all i can do is draw. what do you make the charms and such out of clay?
ello! warning: i rant about randomness on my journal.

i use polymer/fimo clay, it hardens in the oven and i paint on the details with acrylic paints.
Hey! It's fluhks, I just changed from that journal to this one because well, I was bored/didn't like it or the username.
Add me back?
I would love to be friends:)
we'll see if your posts are interesting enough!
:added for the time being:


9 years ago

Hey, this is ashleyrains boyfriend, Joe. Ashley is always referencing your posts, so I should probably read them, too! :)
LOL!! for sure! <3
Add me and I will give you more Shining pics!
I saw your post in randompictures tonight. LOL, it took me a couple of hours, but I finally remembered why your LJ username was so familliar! (It came to me when I saw the friends we had in common and some pics on your DV page.) We met at D*C last year, and I think you may have commented some of my photography on CCom:

Anyway - HI! If you're interested in adding me, I'll add ya back:)
I sent you a message. C:
added ya back! for some reason lj wont let me send messages back :/
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