musicboxwaltz (musicboxwaltz) wrote,

knock before you enter.


this is a locked journal & no longer really used.

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Hi! It's tif. Hope you get over the concrud soon!
Was about to vote in your corset poll thing over on random when it disappeared. Wasn't trying to be a dick about it being there, just very very confused for a moment as I thought I was in the wrong comm until caffeine kicked in.

If ya still got linkage I'll vote, corsets are a bit of a ~thing~ for me. They are why I never have any god damn money.
aw thank you, i deleted it because the html was going bezerk on me.
and yep, that is why i was asking for help on there, corsets are 'spensive :[

tell your friends, too!
thank you so much :D

Voted, and consider it done.

(Also lol at that commenter posting the same gif in reposted post XD, to be fair, it's an awesome disgruntled cat so it fits in well with the images)
Can I be your friend?

You may know me from randompictures.

ah no sowwie, you seem a bit trollish and i dont trust kiddies from randompictures to read my personal journal, sowwie charlie!
adding you because we seem to like a lot of the same things - vintage LPS, animal crossing - and you seem cool, and I love your photography!

Deleted comment

Hey just saw you on cat_lovers... will you add me as a friend? Plzzzz
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