musicboxwaltz (musicboxwaltz) wrote,

knock before you enter.


this is a locked journal & no longer really used.

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urgh, still, i have trust issues with trollish people :/
I'm trying to make new friends that are real people, not just dumbasses looking to make fun of other people.

I post real shit from my life.... I like people that do the same.

Im sorry that it bothers me that you don't want to be friends with me. I don't understand it.... i'm not rude to my friends, I'm very helpful actually, and stop calling me a troll... You are in a lot of that same communities i'm in... when have you seen me trolling... NEVER!!! I fight with trolls... I don't troll myself

ALRIGHT, SHEESH. added you, we'll see how long it lasts, i mean you posting shit from my personal journal to God knows what else is what i am weary of
OMG... I don't do that dammit... and tell you what, I'm PMing you my personal INFO to prove it... if you ever think I did such a thing then feel free to post it everywhere OKAY!!!!

now that, that's out of the way... Thank you =)